Compositions instrumentales

  • Compositions presented in alphabetical order

  • An asterisk (*) at the end of a title means that the sheet music is on sale in the Shop section

L'Annonciation (from the oratorio Virgo Fidei) *

Alto saxophone and piano

  • Piece adapted in June 2021 from the second movement of the oratorio Virgo Fidei composed in 2015.

  • Duration: 3:20

  • To listen (demo)

Contemplation au bord du St-Laurent*


  • Piece composed between August and September 2018

  • Dedicated to Marie-Pierre Labelle

  • Duration: 5:00

  • To listen (demo)

En mémoire

Alto saxophone and piano

  • Piece composed in September 2015

  • Composed for the funeral of Bibiane Jalbert

Hymne d'un Vertige Humoresque*

Alto saxophone and piano

In Memoriam*

Alto saxophone and organ

  • Piece composed in March 2011 and revised in 2020

  • Composed for the funeral of Paul-Émile Gagnon

  • Duration: 3:15

  • To listen (demo)



  • A scherzo composed between May 2020 and July 2021

  • Orchestration including 1 alto saxophone, 1 tenor saxophone, 1 harp and 1 piano.

  • Duration: 4:00

  • To listen (demo)

Moment Éternel*

Alto saxophone and piano (and optional choir)

Montée Céleste

Violin and organ

  • Piece composed in October 2009

  • Composed in memory of Rachel Chabot

  • Duration: 2:30

Orgue traversière*

Flute and organ

  • Piece in two movements:

  • Piece composed between May and June 2016

  • Dedicated to Diane Blanchard and Francis Gagnon



  • Piece composed in March 2020

  • Composed for Rémi Blanchard's 80th birthday

  • Duration: 2:20

  • To listen (demo)

Vive les mariés*

Alto saxophone and piano

  • Piece composed between October and November 2013

  • Composed for the wedding of Kérouzanne Vollering and Steven Denis

  • Duration: 2:00

  • To listen (demo)


Concert Band

  • Piece composed between February and March 2012

  • Commissioned by the ECS Symphonic Band of Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School in Montreal

  • Duration: 4:40

  • To listen (demo)